New Blockchain-Based App For Managing Health Data And Offering Incentives To Improve Health Outcomes

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Target Market: Global

Our Role

To design a blockchain-based App for managing health and improving health outcomes.

Client Challenge:

The client is a health-tech business enterprise that offers people all around the world simple access to their health data. The business is determined to remove unnecessary impediments to care coordination and to change the way doctors and patients communicate with one another.

The client contacted Brainium to incorporate our blockchain expertise in designing and developing an App that can help individuals track, monitor and evaluate their health. The client is willing to use a blockchain network to promote smooth health information transmission and to create a strong data storage solution. The blockchain-based App will integrate clinics, hospitals, researchers, and patients into a unified information ecosystem, providing them with unparalleled transparency and more efficient communication. Notably, the client requested that when sending healthcare information, the App will offer end-to-end encryption, which protects the network from malicious actors and maintains the highest level of security for user data. 

Brainium has created a cutting-edge, blockchain-enabled mobile health application that has the potential to make users all over the world healthier and happier.

Our Approach:

    • We created a multifunctional health application that permits users to track their health state.
    • We also designed and developed a secured health network that can only be accessed by invitation.
    • Following this, we established the groundwork for the development of a vast and private medical ecosystem.
    • We gave users complete control over their health data.
    • We provided a dependable and impenetrably secure patient record repository.
    • We ensured that the App allowed users to incorporate their lifestyle data into personalized medical dashboards to obtain more actionable insights.
    • We also introduce new strategies and activities in the App to keep users interested and motivated to improve their health.


  • After thoroughly researching the client’s needs, we created a multi-functional mobile solution that allows users to securely access and share their personal medical records while also taking control of their health.
  • The App offers top-notch security and transparency, enabling secured storage and frictionless transfer of patients’ health data.
  • In addition, our team has created an excellent incentives system to keep users motivated and involved, as well as a complete health questionnaire that acts as the foundation for a personalized care plan for each user.
  • We have also verified that the App works with wearables and other digital wellness products to track users’ health statistics like temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and weight.


The application download and usage doubled within the next financial year. Users can access and interact with their medical records from various healthcare practitioners in one location. The App is popular among fitness enthusiasts, people with multiple and chronic diseases, pregnant women, and others.

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