ERP Solution For A Leading Home Décor And Furnishing Retailer In The Middle East

  • Industry: Retail
  • Business Type: Enterprise
  • Target Market: Middle East


Development and Deployment of an ERP solution

Our Role

To design a platform where walk-in customers can check product availability, product features, and discount details on them.

Client Challenge

The client is a leading home décor and furnishing retailer in North Africa. They expanded their business in the Middle East market in 2018 with more than 20 stores currently operating in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Qatar, Egypt, and Kuwait. They offer a wide range of home décor and furnishing products in both affordable and luxury ranges. 

Recently, the client has been facing significant challenges delivering real-time information about their products to their walk-in customers due to the massive footfall. Customer onboarding has become a challenge for them. Although they are assigning sales representatives to every customer, the professionals are unable to update customers on the real-time status of product availability, discounts, offers, and others. 

The client contacted Brainium to assist them in their digital transformation process. They wanted us to design and develop an ERP solution that can track the real-time status of product availability, price, offers, stocks, etc., which can then be further used as marketing and promotional assets.

Our Approach

    • We started by conceptualizing the project. Our digital transformation experts evaluated the customer journey mapping process of the client to ensure that we are well-versed with the loopholes and barriers offline customers encounter when buying in-store. It has helped us to design the ERP solution as well as the integration choices.
    • Following this, we designed the ERP solution. We took an agile development approach to deliver the right solution to our client. Our pool of talented developers, designers, and deployment professionals joined hands to create a solution that can act as the first point of contact for every customer visiting the stores.
    • The client also asked to incorporate English and Arabic language options in the system so that customers can select their preferred language when navigating. We included the language options from the system’s backend.
    • We found that the client wanted to use their customers’ information as a potential marketing asset. We incorporated the feature of entering personal details and references in the backend of the system.
    • Finally, we deployed the ERP solution across all the stores operating in the Middle East with individual servers. Our IT experts worked on the private IP address of the business to ensure there were zero pitfalls in the system when running on multiple servers.

The Solution

Brainium made customer onboarding easy by generating the right ERP solution for the client. We delivered the project within the time limit. Our solution was two-fold:

  • First, we gathered customers’ data by analyzing their preferences and needs.
  • Secondly, we build a platform for walk-in customers so that they can navigate the product details, features, and discounts that can stimulate their buying behavior.


Brainium’s ERP solution can be evident in its outlets across the Middle East. They are planning to launch 6 more outlets in the Middle East market with our high-tech ERP solution. We are overwhelmed seeing their digital transformation. We are proud that Brainium could have contributed its part in helping this home furnishing brand embrace digital transformation successfully with immense ROI.

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